As a registered member of the BACP, I adhere to their ethical guidelines which covers client confidentiality and allows every client to feel they can talk freely and confidentially which means that client’s information will not be shared or disclose with others.

There are some instances however when this confidentiality might have to break. This will not happen without first talking to you. Below are instances when confidentiality will have to break.


If I believe there is a risk to you or someone else it may be necessary to inform other professional services.

In following the BACP guidelines, I am required to attend supervision sessions where I would occasionally talk about client work as part of this process.


Client’s details will not be disclosed to my supervisor who also works ethically in accordance to the BACP ethical guidelines and requirements to maintain confidentiality.

In the cases of disclosure of money laundering or knowledge of terrorist acts, I would be required to inform the police. In all cases where at all possible, I will speak to you before breaking confidentiality.


I keep minimal notes on clients to maintain privacy. I also keep contact details which I am required to have.

I will only use the contact details I hold to communicate with you if it is necessary to inform you of a cancellation, or by prior arrangement.

I will not share the contact details I hold with anyone else, unless required to do so by law, or in an unexpected emergency where I would be unable to continue my practice.


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